Do you live in Baltimore but never have the time or patience to go down to the Inner Harbor? Are you in the DC - Baltimore Area and want to work on an amazing project? Want to do something you can brag to your kids about when you are older and wiser?

I'm looking for volunteers to help out with deploying my first ever inflatable installation, The Herd, which will be rolling into the Baltimore Inner Harbor for the third annual Light City Festival in Baltimore, MD from April 14th – 24th. 

The Herd is a tribute to all the citizens of Baltimore City who continue to hope for a healthy city and healthy waterways. It is a cluster of 375 luminous inflatable swim rings—similar in appearance to the floats used by swimmers at the seaside—laced together in a net to form a glowing multitude of creatures calmly bobbing in the shimmering ripples of the nighttime harbor.

I'm looking for volunteers and co-captains to assist with the installation and de-installation of The Herd. Installation will take place between April 2nd – 13th. Here are possible things you can do. I need:

  • Handlers (Help pack/unpack and wash inflatables off site in advance of installation)
  • Pneumatic Punchers (help inflate/deflate onsite)
  • Rubber Wranglers (assist the launching and de-launching of inflatables onsite)
  • Drovers (Vehicle Assistance)

In addition to these volunteer posts, I have several short-term paid ($15 - 20 /hr) positions for onsite help during installation at the harbor from April 9th to the 13th. Suggested (but not required) skills are general reliability, boating experience, water safety, team management skills and a sense of humor. 

All volunteers and hired hands will take home a glowing inflatable from The Herd, and receive an official The Herd badge certifying your participation in this momentous undertaking!

To apply, please fill out the application form, and I'll be getting back to you to begin scheduling. Hope to see you there!