Part of the challenge of The Herd project is getting them into the Inner Harbor, but another important part of the project is making sure that they stay out of landfills. Although the vinyl used in the fabrication of The Herd is Phthalate free, Polyvinyl Chloride plastic is no joke. It is one of the most-used, least recycled plastic used here in the States. The biggest challenge of this project isn't what people see at Light City, but what will happen afterward.

I am exploring multiple options for the after-life of The Herd, and I'm working on a three-point plan to Disperse The Herd:

  1. Sale of the inflatables during and after Light CIty, with all proceeds going to non-profit partners. (see html here), and making sure that buyers have a clear way of repairing/reusing/recycling their inflatable once they are done with it;
  2. Seeking other exhibition opportunities for The Herd; 
  3. Finding ways of re-purposing the materials through vinyl-repurposing craftspeople similar to   Freitag Bags in Switzerland and Rareform here in the States.

Step one of this process began today the Herdling went to South Baltimore to learn a little bit about recycling to visit the Goode Companies HQ. 

Lens flare! It's not a Michael Bay film, it's the magic of recycling.

Lens flare! It's not a Michael Bay film, it's the magic of recycling.

Goode Companies has been in the recycling biz for a good 20 years. They work not only as traditional waste management organizations but also as construction and industrial waste specialists. 

Mike and me and a giant Herd truck.

Mike and me and a giant Herd truck.

This is a pic of me and Mike Ek, who is the Lead Sales Consultant in the Baltimore Branch of Goode Companies. After he got a few pics of the Herdling we talked about the best recycling scenario for The Herd, in which each inflatable will be sent to it's new home with a SASE so they can be recycled safely and avoid ending up in landfills. 

That's a big order! Piece-by piece recycling is not easy to do and it's a big ask for Goode Companies to take on something like this. So, we'll see what happens. 

After taking care of business, me and the Herdling decided to go to another great recycling resource here in Baltimore—Second Chance Inc., a go-to center for architectural salvage and other beautiful epic finds


What a great end to a productive day!