We are so happy to have you on board for this project, and want to make sure that participating is easy, fun and totally enjoyable. Below are some answers to questions you might have:


What do I wear?

Dress accordingly for  the weather. Wear sneakers or any other light closed-toe shoes. Be sure to bring foul-weather gear just in case.


Where is The Herd going to be installed?

The installation site is between Piers 5 and 6, between Pier 6 Concert Pavilion and McCormick & Schmick's restaurant. Follow the blue balloons to direct you to as you get closer to the site.


How do I get there?

Parking vouchers will be provided for all volunteers at the Harbor Park Parking Garage at 55 Market Place. Once you park, use the Lombard Street exit, and walk south towards the water, crossing Lombard and Pratt Streets.  Follow the service road to Pier V Hotel, with the IMET building on the left to the traffic circle. Look for the blue balloons and follow them to the site on the water's edge on the left side of the hotel.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.31.58 AM.png


The Brown and Navy Baltimore Link, 65 BaltimoreLink route, and the Orange Circulator all stop directly by the pier but there are tons of other routes that stop very close by stop closest to the site. Get off at the Southbound President St. and Eastern Ave. stop, and follow Eastern Avenue, heading towards Pier V Hotel. Look for the blue balloons leading to the site: it will be will be on your left. 

If you are taking the subway, get off at Shot Tower Station and South towards the water on President Street. Cross the Eastern Avenue bridge heading towards Pier V Hotel. Look for the blue balloons leading to the site: it will be will be on your left. It's about a 20 minute walk from Shot Tower to the site. 



Look for Kelley Bell (she will be wearing aqua rainboots) or a volunteer wearing an aqua scarf to sign in for your shift to check in. They'll assign a task for you to do to get the installation going, and show you where you can store your personal property while you're working. They will also have your festival credentials, and vouchers for parking. When you leave, make sure to check out from the site. This is especially important if you are working more than three shifts and getting paid!

Here are the tasks you might be doing on your shift:

  • Handlers (Help pack/unpack and inflatables in advance of installation)
  • Pneumatic Punchers (help inflate/deflate onsite)
  • Rubber Wranglers (assist the launching and de-launching of inflatables onsite)
  • Drovers (Vehicle Assistance)

None of the volunteer tasks are strenuous or require special skills; no one needs to get in the water! Just follow instructions!


What if it rains?

Be sure to bring an umbrella and/or raincoat with you: installation will take place rain or shine, unless something really crazy happens. To confirm if we will be installing call or email the day/night before to confirm.


Who do I contact?

The main point of contact for the project is Kelley Bell. She can be reached at
(443) 939-9451 or kbell2 (at) umbc (dot) edu.


How do I get paid?

All volunteers will receive a Herdling to take home, if they wish. Every volunteer that signs up for more than two shifts will be paid $20/hr. This will be paid approximately two weeks (around the beginning of May) after the festival is over. Online transactions via PayPay are preferred, but if you need a check please notify Kelley Bell in advance.